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Street racers ticketed after racing at Nanaimo North Town Centre

Drivers caught racing could have their cars impounded, say Nanaimo RCMP
Nanaimo RCMP are warning that people caught street racing could have their vehicles impounded and face significant fines. (News Bulletin file)

Illegal racing at Nanaimo North Town Centre has led to drivers being ticketed for disturbing nearby residents.

In a press release, Nanaimo RCMP said it has received numerous complaints of vehicles doing burnouts, drifting and sometimes street racing in the area. Specifically, on the evening of Feb. 19, police issued several violation tickets to two motorists for driving without consideration and excessive noise. RCMP have noted increased incidents of street racing and feel the parking lot could be the hub of that activity, the press release said.

Reserve Const. Gary O’Brien, Nanaimo RCMP spokesperson, said in the release that street racing is not only dangerous for racers, but for other motorists and pedestrians.

He cited a report of up to 30 vehicles gathered with revving engines and screeching tires.

“Our traffic unit is taking the lead on this and they have fielded one to many calls from residents who are sick and tired of the constant tires screeching,” O’Brien said in the press release. “Enforcement is being ramped up and we are serving notice to those participating in these illegal activities, that it is going to stop.”

Anyone caught stunting or street racing could have their vehicle impounded for seven days and face significant fines. New drivers could have their licences suspended.

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