The medical clinic building in Port McNeill. (Bill McQuarrie photo)

The medical clinic building in Port McNeill. (Bill McQuarrie photo)

Solution pending to Port McNeill health care uncertainty?

The town appears to be ‘closer to a new and sustainable medical model for our town’

The exact nature of the future of health care access in Port McNeill remains a little murky.

But it appears the clouds may be clearing.

Dr. Prean Armogam, owner of the Port McNeill Medical Clinic, issued a news release on the Port McNeill Medical Collaborative’s Facebook page, stating the town appears to be “closer to a new and sustainable medical model for our town.”

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He noted he has been told that there will be a new permanent clinic in town as the health authority and town council conclude the outcome from the Request For Proposal that was issued.

“I am told that there will be an interim clinic in town that will be supported with temporary physicians as recruitment efforts for permanent doctors continue,” Armogam said, adding, “I will continue seeing patients and working out of the existing clinic until the new clinic is completed and there are permanent doctors to take over your care. I will also be continuing to work out the ER and hospital.”

The other doctor at Armogam’s clinic, Dr. Joy Mijares, announced earlier this year she would be departing at the end of May, leaving the community with only one doctor on staff and a rotating crew of visiting physicians who will fill in when needed. The announcement brought to a head ongoing concerns over the sustainability and direction of the Port McNeill health care model.

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Armogam stated once the new clinic is ready (date TBD), “I hope to transition your care to the new permanent docs for Port McNeill. I will however remain in town and the region with a practice limited to Sointula, Woss, Zeballos and Rivers Inlet. I have not been provided with a mechanism to continue seeing people from Port McNeill, Port Hardy or Port Alice once the new clinic is operational.”

Armogam added the Port McNeill Medical Collaborative Facebook page will be closing shortly, likely by month’s end.

Look for an update from Island Health on these developments as soon as it is available.

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