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Seeing double: 1 in 17 kids attending Shuswap school are twins

There are six sets of twins at Parkview Elementary in Sicamous
Six sets of twins are attending Parkview Elementary School in Sicamous for the 2021-22 school year. From left to right, their names are: Levi and Cody Clark, Kate and Reese Osmundson, Maxx and Maycie-Jean Lane, Dustin and Dillon Hilder, Emily and Nathan Presley, and Aurora and Logan Dawson. (Zachary Roman/Eagle Valley News)

Six sets of twins are attending Parkview Elementary in Sicamous for the 2021-22 school year.

It may not be a world record for most sets of twins in a school, but when you consider Parkview’s small enrolment of 203 students, it’s quite the statistic. Roughly one in every 17 students at Parkview is a twin.

The twins’ names and grades are as follows: In grade 6, Levi and Cody Clark; in grade 5, Maxx and Maycie-Jean Lane, as well as Dustin and Dillon Hilder; in grade 4, Kate and Reese Osmundson; in grade 3, Emily and Nathan Presley; and in grade 1, Aurora and Logan Dawson.

Logan Dawson said his favourite part about being a twin is playing with his sister Aurora.

“We play hide and seek, tag, freeze tag, all the different games,” said Logan.

The Dawsons are the youngest set of twins at Parkview, and the Clarks, who are the oldest, share the same love of playing games together.

Cody Clark said he likes always having someone to do things with.

“We play Xbox together, we like UFC 4 and NHL 21,” said Cody, to which his brother Levi said, “That’s the game I’m the best at.”

Kate Osmundson said it’s nice to have someone who can always be there for you if you’re scared. She and her sister, Reese, like to play a lot of the same games and have a lot of the same friends.

“We’re best friends with my friend Kate, but she has the same name as me so we get mixed up all the time. So the thing is, the way we don’t get each other mixed up, is we all call each other potato,” said Kate.

Reese noted that her sister is potato chip one, while she and their friend Kate are potato chips two and three.

Dustin Hilder said his favourite part of being a twin is that he always has his brother, Dillon, with him.

Emily Presley said she loves always having someone to play Super Mario video games with, but her love for her brother, Nathan, goes much deeper than just that.

“My favourite part about being a twin is I’ll always have someone to look out for and always have someone to be by my side,” said Emily.

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