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Saanich climate report card reflects on 2021 wins, areas for improvement

Progress seen in areas such as transportation, E-bike incentives, infrastructure improvements
In 2021, Saanich expanded the Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary, marking it as an area of climate improvement in the annual district report card. (Photo courtesy of the District of Saanich)

Saanich’s annual Climate Plan Report Card came back to reflect positive achievements made in the district in 2020 and 2021 – such as doubling the rate of tree planting and an introduction to an E-bike incentive program.

The report released Tuesday (March 8) highlights areas of progress the district and its residents made toward achieving climate goals, while also reflecting on areas needing improvement.

Saanich achieved a 17-per-cent reduction in its 2020 community-wide territorial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory, while corporate GHG emissions for 2021 fell by 12 per cent, compared with a 2007 baseline.

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Areas of progress include the launch of Saanich’s community E-bike incentive pilot program, as well as the addition of 20 new electric vehicle charging stations opened to the public.

More than two kilometres of bike lanes were built and 267 households received Saanich top-up rebates to switch from fossil fuels to electric heat pumps for home heating and cooling.

Single-use plastic bags were phased out with the introduction of the Checkout Bag Regulation Bylaw.

The district more than doubled its rate of tree planting as 2,450 trees were planted and the district acquired land to expand Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary.

For further information on achievements and improvements yet to come, view the climate report card at

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