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Rainfall total for March well below normal

Temperatures slightly lower, with less snowfall at the same time
Trees in downtown Chemainus just coming into bloom at the end of March. (Photo by Don Bodger)

March is traditionally wetter, slightly warmer and with more snowfall than what occurred around the Chemainus Valley last month.

“March was a relatively dry month for this time of year, with temperatures that averaged about a degree below normal, rainfall that totalled just a little over half the historical averages and snowfall that was a tiny fraction of the normal,” pointed out Chris Carss, the guru of Chemainus weather from his home as a volunteer observer/recorder for Environment and Climate Change Canada.

“The very small March snowfall amounts of the last 30 years or so appear to be the result of climate change and are apparently becoming the new normals.”

For ease of reporting the details of the changeable months such as March, Carss broke down his monthly recap into segments.

From March 1-13, he noted it was mostly cloudy with intermittent light rain, a brief dusting of snow and temperatures averaging about three degrees below normal at first before rising to near normal.

The period from March 13-19 became partly sunny and dry with temperatures continuing near normal and then increasing to about four degrees above normal.

March 20-25 saw intermittent rain returning and temperatures dropping in stages to just a couple of degrees above freezing.

From March 26-31, it was back to partly sunny and mild conditions until the last day of the month which brought a final shot of rain and another big drop in temperatures.

The statistical breakdown is as follows:


Mean maximum 9.9 Celsius, normal 10.8C.

Mean minimum 2.5C, normal 3.8C.

Extreme maximum 15.5C on March 28.

Extreme minimum -1C on March 1


Days mostly or partly sunny and dry 12, normal 9.

Days with mixed weather (sunshine and precipitation) 6 .

Total days mostly or partly sunny (including mixed weather days) 18.


Total days with rain (including mixed weather days) 13 , normal 16.

Accumulated rainfall 69.6 millimetres, normal 126.3 mm.

Accumulated snowfall 0.2 cm, normal 6.0 cm.

On Thetis Island, Keith Rush recorded 49.1 mm of precipitation at his Foster Point Road residence, a little more than half of the March 2022 total of 89.2 mm. The average March on Thetis yields 90.7 mm.

The year-to-date precipitation total for Thetis is already running more than 30 mm behind last year, with 307.1 mm compared to 340.7 mm by the end of March 2022.

April got off to an average start with a customary mix of showers, some sun and cool to mild temperatures.

“The good news is it won’t likely be as soaking wet as the same month last year,” added Carss.


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H.R. MacMillan statue with Chemainus Harbour in the background during a rare rainy day in March. (Photo by Don Bodger)

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