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PODCAST: Prefab-ulous, panelized wall systems

TODAY IN BC: HAVAN’s podcast ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once’

You will find “Measure Twice, Cut Once” podcasts on iTunes, Spotify and Google podcasts.

Extending the life of a traditional prefab Pan-Abode home with state-of-the-art factory-built panelized wall systems brings together 60 plus years of building science in one award-winning renovation.

Steve Kemp of Kemp Construction joins Mike and Jennifer-Lee on Measure Twice, Cut Once to explore whole-home renovations using state-of-the-art building science.

‘Panelized wall systems help to control the pricing and the time frame to build or renovate your home, saving you money. While the foundation is getting built, the walls are being built in a factory,’ says Kemp.

Thanks to sponsors: FortisBC, Ethical Floors, Rami Films, and jPod productions

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