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PHOTOS: Talented artisans gather in Saanich home to bring unique creations to the public

Maker’s market highlights neighbourhood artistry and craft-making

A craft market held in a local Saanich home Saturday (April 2) saw a variety of creative pieces for those who love to spend their money on items made close to home.

The hosts of the event were couple Kari Frazer and Jim Lord who used to own a store together called ReLoving Furniture in Langford. The store has since closed, but the couple kept many of the friends and creatives in their circle as they moved into retirement.

Their first maker’s market was in November 2021, and they plan to continue hosting the fairs as there has been a lot of interest.

Lord said people come and go all day and by noon, 60 people had already been through the maze of artistry, collecting goods before going on with their day.

“We’re a group of friends who like to get together and make. The process from November-on has just been supporting each other and getting excited about all that we’re creating, sharing and learning,” said Frazer.

From home decor to paintings, fairy wands and candles, the maker’s market event came together thanks to an amalgamation of artists around Greater Victoria who find joy in putting their artistic abilities to use – all while enjoying the community it creates.

There were also vintage and upcycled items and country floral, rustic and fine art originals.

Stencil artist Lisa Stoker said the event is a collaboration among friends.

“You thrive and get more creative around a group of people who are like-minded – we all put our own twist on everything, we try not to stress and it’s really just about having fun.”

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