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Pedestrian safety upgrades underway on roadway between two Oak Bay schools

Traffic changes at Bowker Creek and Cadboro Bay intersection aim to slow drivers

Concrete changes to a section of road between two school zones aim to increase safety for pedestrians and drivers.

Long-awaited changes to the Bowker Avenue and Cadboro Bay Road intersection are well underway in Oak Bay. The project will see the gradual right off Cadboro Bay onto Bowker, shift into a hard right, meaning a driver will need to slow to take the turn safely.

Upgrades include a pedestrian-activated light as well as a refuge island in the middle of Cadboro Bay Road. That will cause the intersection to feel more narrow, in a bid to slow drivers, said Dan Horan, director of engineering for Oak Bay.

The project, budgeted at $425,000, is expected to take 10 weeks and finish by end of November or early December. Of that, $185,000 came from Abstract Developments dedicated specifically to improve the intersection adjacent to its 43-unit Bowker Collection.

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