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New cost of Sayward dam project almost $1.2 million

Costs have increased by another $208,513 after previous cost increases in 2019 and 2020
Bad weather 2019 and governance vacuum in 2020 delayed the project and added extra cost to the budget. (Mirror file photo)

Sayward’s Newcastle Creek Dam is back on track for completion after sustaining delays in 2019 and 2020, according to newly-elected mayor Mark Baker.

But the delays have caused an increased cost to the project of $208,513, pulling the new total cost up to $1,194,726.

According to the town’s latest project cost summary document, an additional $60,000 has been added towards project management, engineering and environmental consultation, $98,513 in construction costs and $50,000 has been added to the project’s contingency fund.

The rehabilitation of the dam was previously set for completion in 2020 at an cost of $1,162,896 after bad weather in 2019 set back the project and had already increased the project cost by $176,783.

Further delays in 2020 – as Sayward faced a governance vacuum after the resignation of council members – added another $31,730 to the cost of the dam.

All financial decisions pertaining to the dam were put on hold until December when a new mayor and two council members were elected.

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Sayward’s council is looking to adjust the additional costs by diverting $158,513 from from the general surplus funds and $50,000 from the water surplus funds.

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