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Nature area, business park proposed for 52-hectare parcel in north Metchosin

Owners of Tri-X Group want to talk rezoning: half light industrial, half park
Tri-X Group, owners of a 52-acre property in Metchosin, part of which is pictured here, hopes to convince the district to rezone the property to allow for more industrial uses, as well as create designated parkland. (Zoe Ducklow/News Staff)

A group of Metchosin landowners are proposing that 27 hectares of land on Sooke Road be rezoned for industrial use, with an eye toward building a rural business park.

In exchange the landowners are offering $1 million to the District of Metchosin for environmental conservation and reconciliation initiatives, 23 hectares of contiguous land for a park and two hectares of riparian land for conservation.

The landowners had previously applied for a temporary use permit to start a soil recycling facility. This time around, soil recycling is suggested as one part of the plan, but the Tri-X Group which owns the land has included a full proposal for the whole parcel.

Metchosin staff recommended that Tri-X hold public information sessions and use public feedback to refine the proposal before making a formal application to council.

The 52-hectare parcel of land is at 3659 Sooke Rd. at the border of Langford and Metchosin.

It’s bisected by Sooke Road on the western edge opposite the Sooke Hills Wilderness Regional Park. Langford sits to the north; the north-east edge butts up against the Langford Business Park owned by Beecher Bay First Nation. On the south edge, the property touches private properties zoned as Upland. Near the south edge is a section of Crown land earmarked for a future park.

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The land is currently zoned as ‘upland’ and geared towards agricultural use, but allows for some residential subdivision. The Tri-X Group want to have that designation changed in Metchosin’s Official Community Plan to roughly half industrial and half parks and open space.

The group is proposing a rural business park, promising to provide employment without urbanizing the area. Suggested businesses in the initial proposal include an abattoir (slaughterhouse); garden centre; feed supplies; gravel, aggregate and soil recycling; wood waste processing and more.

As it stands, Metchosin’s goal for any industrial zoning is primarily to ensure operations don’t disrupt “the natural environment and rural character of the community.”

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