Primate Estate owner Jamie Bell and a monkey. (File photo)

Primate Estate owner Jamie Bell and a monkey. (File photo)

Lost monkey still on missing list

Capuchun monkey escaped from Primate Estates on May 26

After more than a week of searching, there’s still no sign of the Capuchin monkey that escaped from Lake Cowichan’s Primate Estates on May 26.

B.C. Conservation officer Scott Norris said the search by staff members and family from Primate Estates is continuing, but looking for a small monkey in the heavily forested area is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But he said Capuchin monkeys are pretty intelligent and there is lots for it to eat at this time of year in local forests.

“There’s a range of vegetables growing in the area that would feed a monkey, plus lots of bugs and grubs,” Scott said.

“The monkey may find its own way back, or it’s lost and doesn’t know where to go. Once the weather turns in the fall and winter, the animal likely won’t do as well if it’s not found by then.”

The small monkey escaped from Primate Estates, located at 7300 Lake Cowichan Rd., while staff at the animal sanctuary were doing some work on its enclosure.


Norris said that if someone sees ithe monkey, don’t approach it and contact authorities as soon as possible.

“If somebody tries to handle it, it could bite and obviously there is the potential for disease transfer so we are asking people to leave it alone,” he said.

Should citizens spot the monkey in their travels, they are instructed call 1-877-952-7277 and report it to the conservation office call centre.

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