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Island Equipment Owners Association serving the Greater Victoria community over the long haul

Association represents more than 170 organizations and supports numerous local groups
Wendy Watt, manager of Island Equipment Owners Association, holds a certificate recently presented to them by the District of Saanich to recognize their important work and impact in the community. (Megan Atkins-Baker/News Staff)

The Island Equipment Owners Association (IEOA) has been bringing Greater Victoria’s heavy equipment, hauling, and gravel field industries together for more than half a century.

Wendy Watt, manager of the association, said the group provides a networking opportunity for over 170 organizations and its members to discuss local issues affecting businesses, fuel prices, insurance prices, supply and demand of equipment, and more.

“It’s been 50-plus years of companies working together on building better infrastructure and adding power and a voice to the industry,” said Watt.

At top of mind is bettering the community through giving back in a multitude of ways, added Watt.

As a way of giving back to the community, the association solicits applications from local non-profit groups that operate on low budgets.

“Each year a committee has a look at these applications, at the dynamics of the job and what it would entail, and we go through and help out as much as we can,” said Watt, adding that members who fit a particular job the best are sought for help with equipment and hands-on needs.

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Elk-Beaver Lake Equestrian Society is one non-profit that was greatly assisted by IEOA.

“At their riding ring, they had an issue with the hog fuel having larger rock in it that made it unsafe for the horses to ride in the ring,” said Watt. “What they requested of us was assistance with dump trucks and excavators to remove the hog fuel that was unsafe so they could build it back up safely.”

IEOA removed about 180 loads of hog fuel from the site, allowing the equestrian society to build the base of the riding ring back up to standards that ensure the safety of horses and their owners.

The association has also installed gravel pathways at Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary and the frog pond water park at Beckwith Park, as well as tending to flooded roadways. Non-profits in need of assistance are encouraged to reach out, said Watt.

The IEOA currently has a membership of 173 companies with a focus on addressing needs within the community, and they’re always taking applications for membership.

Their annual highlight event is the ever-popular Truck Light and Food Parade, coming Dec. 4. However, Watt said they’re up to so much more year-round as they tend to the many infrastructural and roadway needs in the community – projects that will serve the community’s future.

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