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Donkey running to be mayor of Grand Forks becomes ‘voice of the people’

Lobo the donkey has gained support across the country in his bid to become mayor
Lobo the donkey might just be B.C.’s most popular political figure in the upcoming municipal elections. (Kayla Mellville photo)

Any ass can run for mayor these days.

Those words, written in a social media post, inspired Grand Forks woman Lorraine O’Connor to launch a mayoral campaign for her donkey Lobo.

“Lobo is an ass — really, he is. There was nothing negative intended. It’s all in fun and it’s not a comment or anything about our current mayor.”

Because Lobo isn’t technically a “person”, he won’t actually be able to run for mayor. But that hasn’t stopped Lobo from picking up political supporters across Canada.

His platform calls for caring, common sense and simplicity. Lobo and his supporters are very firm that they will not tolerate any negativity or name-calling. They intend to run a good, clean campaign that spreads positivity and encourages political engagement.

“He’s made really interesting, good conversation. He’s made people more aware and with his page, he’s the voice for the people. It’s really cool.”

Posts on Lobo’s official campaign Facebook page have centred around ways to improve Grand Forks. Some commenters have suggested more housing for seniors, more spaces for teenagers to gather, more green space and calls for Lobo to get tough on crime.

“I think Grand Forks needs straw bales along the streets where a guy could lie down and take a nap, preferably in the shade of a nice leafy tree, troughs on every block where a guy could get a drink of water on a hot day, oh, and carrots! Free carrots,” one commenter wrote.

Though he can’t run for mayor, Lobo is content with his current job as an internet influencer. Lobo previously garnered internet fame during his work shovelling snow on the farm. His video was licensed by viral video marketplace ViralHog and has generated a decent income for him.

“He’s probably the only ass making money from shovelling snow,” O’Connor said. “He’s got a bank account and everything.”

O’Connor said Lobo would graciously accept a ceremonial role with the town of Grand Forks and participate in community events if such a role were offered.

Grand Forks Mayor Brian Taylor declined to comment on Lobo’s campaign. However, Taylor has said he will not seek reelection.

Councillor Everett Baker announced his intention to run back in January. Baker came within 56 votes of winning in the 2018 election. Since he announced his candidacy, Black Press Media learned Baker had been pardoned in 2008 for four counts of indecent assault between 1976 and 1983 in Vancouver.

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