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Dead sea lion washes ashore with bullet-size hole in its neck

French Creek area residents believe the animal was shot in the neck
A dead sea lion has washed ashore on a French Creek beach with what residents believe is a bullet hole to its neck area. - Photo submitted by Marnee pearce

A dead sea lion with what appears to be a bullet hole in its neck area has washed ashore in the French Creek area.

Calvin Road residents noticed the large male sea lion, dead on the beach in front of their homes last week and believe it was shot.

“This [sea lion] has this perfectly round mark on its neck which is kind of suspicious,” said resident Tonis Tutti.

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Tutti said this is the second time in a couple of years that a dead sea lion has washed ashore in the same spot on the beach, however he said the first time it didn’t appear the animal was shot.

He said he towed the first sea lion out to sea with his boat, tied weights to it and sunk it.

“Within a month and a half it was completely gone so I went down and picked up all the bones and stuff,” Tutti said. “I haven’t decided whether I’m going to sink [the second sea lion] or drag it out to the middle and let it go.”

Tutti said he reported the sea lion to the conservation office’s R.A.P.P. line but no one has taken responsibility for its removal yet.

The NEWS has reached out to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and is awaiting comment.

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