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Counter-protesters disrupt Vancouver convoy route

The convoy arrived downtown around 2pm for a rally outside CTV’s offices
A counter-protester holds a sign reading ‘Honk if you love Dr. Henry’ on Burrard Street as a convoy protest against COVID-measures rolls past. (Cole Schisler/Black Press)

An anti-COVID measures convoy launched from Langley was met with counter-protests in downtown Vancouver on Saturday (Feb. 5).

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Earlier in the day, counter-protesters on bicycles blocked the convoy on several routes with the stated goal of redirecting the convoy from passing any hospitals.

By 2 pm, the convoy had largely arrived in downtown Vancouver outside the offices of CTV. This specific protest was dubbed ‘Media are the Virus’. Many protesters and speakers carried signs accusing media outlets of lying about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Burrard Street remains filled with trucks and cars honking, decorated with Canadian flags and anti-COVID mandate messages.

Though the counter-protests had success in rerouting the convoy, numbers of vehicles in the convoy and supporters on the street largely outnumbered counter-protests.

Outside St. Paul’s hospital on Burrard and Comox, counter-protesters displayed signs saying they support healthcare workers and vaccination. BC Emergency Health Services representatives on scene say that ambulances have not been blocked by the convoy so far.

Prior to the protest, Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart had a clear message for the convoy.

“As the Mayor of a city with an over 95 per cent vaccination rate, my message to the convoy is this: Vancouver doesn’t want you here. Make your point and then go home.”

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