Campbell River RCMP investigate ‘senseless destruction’ at daycare. Photo supplied by Campbell River RCMP

Campbell River RCMP investigate ‘senseless destruction’ at daycare. Photo supplied by Campbell River RCMP

Broken eggs and splashed maple syrup add insult to extensive vandalism at Island childcare centre

Campbell River RCMP investigate ‘senseless destruction’ at Oyster River daycare

Extensive damage was reported Monday morning at the Oyster River Elementary School Daycare.

A complaint came in to the RCMP at around 7:30 on Nov. 1 of extensive damage and a break and enter at the facility. According to police, there was damage to the fridge, TV, VCR and stereo. They also drizzled maple syrup around the room. threw eggs from the fridge and broke a window to gain entry to the building. Nothing was stolen, which police say indicate it was a wilful act of destruction.

Based on similar crimes that have occurred over the years, police are assuming that the perpetrators are youths. Witnesses say three young people on dirt bikes were seen at the school area around the time of the break-in.

“Crimes like this, directed at small businesses are absolutely deplorable and the individual/individuals need to be held accountable before their behaviour escalates,” said Const. Maury Tyre. “If people do small crimes without being stopped and held accountable, they progress to larger crimes much easier. Although we recognize it is the nature of parents to want to protect their young people from negative consequences in life, it’s also important for them to be accountable for wrong doing.”

He also pointed to the Campbell River RCMP’s Restorative Justice program, which allows offenders to make amends to those wronged without going to the courts.

“As most would agree, what we really want for our kids is that they grow up to be happy and good people. Letting young people get away with actions like this is not a step in the right direction,” he added.

RCMP are looking to speak to any witnesses.

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