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Nanaimo sign in Maffeo Sutton Park vandalized

Nanaimo mayor disgusted by defacement of popular tourism attraction
The Nanaimo sign in Maffeo Sutton Park was targeted this week by conspiracy theorists with spray paint. (Chris Bush/News Bulletin)

The big Nanaimo sign at Maffeo Sutton Park has been targeted by vandals.

This week, the sign’s multicoloured ‘O’ was discovered crudely spay-painted in black lettering reading ‘No WEF,’ referring to the World Economic Forum. The lettering was smeared by an apparent attempt to remove the paint. The opposite side of the ‘O’ was sprayed over with red paint.

The multicoloured O, with its 15 coloured segments intended to represent diversity, is similar to a United Nations symbol for 17 sustainable development goals.

Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog, who is attending the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities convention in Victoria, expressed anger at the news the sign had been vandalized.

“I think it’s disgusting that anyone would choose to vandalize such a popular piece of public art in support of the most ridiculous conspiracy theory about that art,” Krog said. “I have an incredibly low tolerance for anybody who destroys public property. It’s really offensive because, in this particular case, that is such a popular tourist attraction. Rarely will you pass by that sign that there aren’t people having their picture taken in front of it … and for anyone to suggest that it means Nanaimo is somehow under the control of or in league with the World Economic Forum is just plainly stupid.”

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Chris Bush

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