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Scattered Artists’ summer home studio tour returns to Saanich

19th annual art tour features 22 artists, five venues within biking distance

The Scattered Artists summer art tour returns Aug. 27 and 28 for its 19th annual weekend of sculpture, textiles, jewelry, fine art and more.

Over 20 local artists will be showing and selling their work “scattered” across these five Saanich locations:

• 3388 Maplewood Rd. – Lisa Blackwell (host), Lisa Gould, Lynn Jones, Raven Wyntre-Clarkson, Evol Karchuk, Kim Jensen, Emma Blackwell

• 3420 Persimmon Dr. – Clare O’Kelly (host), Nancy Walt, Karen Wilk, Shelley Hordiyuk

• 3741 Ascot Dr. – Anne Bowen (host), Judi Neudorf, Richard Wong

• 1522 Shornecliffe Rd. – Carol Bednarski (host), Jordan Fritz, Kari Frazer, Lynn Charman, Barry Dayman

• 3987 Blenkinsop Rd. – Linda Hamilton (host), Carole Wennington, Diane Roberts

Guests are invited to visit the various locations in any order. They’re also all situated within a four-kilometre radius, making it ideal to walk, bike or drive.

The event runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the Saturday and Sunday. Admission is free at all locations.

For more information, visit the Scattered Artists’ Facebook or Instagram page.

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