Ladysmith show must go on outside Narnia set

Ladysmith show must go on outside Narnia set

High school students conclude musical finale in parking lot after fire alarm sounds

The Ladysmith Secondary School Performing Arts program had a great run with four shows of Narnia: The Musical last week.

But the highlight was an unexpected twist on closing night Saturday.

Towards the end of the second act, the school’s fire alarm sounded and the entire cast, crew, and audience calmly evacuated the building and gathered together in front of the school.

It was evident that there was no danger of fire, though the crowd still had to remain outside due to safety protocol.

This may have seemed like a sad ending to Narnia’s run but not for this dedicated group.

William Taylor, Stage Director and Performing Arts teacher, quickly gathered his cast together and they delightfully finished the musical a cappella.

Stage lighting was provided by the setting sun and the lights of the emergency vehicles as the local fire department quickly assessed the situation and determined that the fire alarm was set off by a faulty sensor.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed this surprising end to a wonderful show. It was simply magical.


Ladysmith show must go on outside Narnia set