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‘Starry-eyed seekers’: Greater Victoria UFO chasers study the night sky

Vancouver Island’s cosmic crusaders are seeking extraterrestrial encounters
Group members from the CE-5 Vancouver Island Facebook group reported to have learned additional skills while searching for UFOs (Courtesy of Steven Colepy)

Vancouver Island has its own budding group of UFO chasers.

The CE-5 Vancouver Island UFO chasing group on Facebook is a passionate collective of people – many from Greater Victoria – who come out when the sky becomes dark in pursuit of encounters and to connect with intelligent beings from “other worlds.”

The term CE-5 stands for “close encounters of the fifth kind,” a concept popularized by Steven M. Geer, a prominent figure in the field of UFO research. A CE-5 encounter claims to be humans initiating contact with extraterrestrial civilization through meditation, light, signals, and telepathic communication. A close encounter of the fifth claims that there is indeed direct communication between aliens and humans.

The group was formed in June as a place for UFO chasers to share their experiences. Personal stories and encounters often play a pivotal role in cementing beliefs, and some members report seeing UFO sightings and unexplained phenomena.

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Group member Gilbert Montes said he uses his curiosity of the night sky to “gain a better understanding of the universe.”

Along with other group members, he often uploads videos he has shot. There are some other skills group members have collected along the way, such as learning how to use DSLR cameras to capture the night sky and exploring how to utilize telescopes. Montes said he’s learned more about star formations and planets than he anticipated.

With its vast dark sky and minimal light pollution, Vancouver Island is an ideal setting for these enthusiasts to embark on their quests. The motivations vary from person to person, but the group’s consensus encourages curiosity about the universe and a belief that we are not alone.

For group member Jim Lawrence, it’s more than that. Lawrence, a former police officer, dedicates some of his time to attending and speaking at seminars and slideshow presentations. He says it is “highly unlikely that we, as humans, are the only beings that roam the Earth.”

“I absolutely believe UFOs exist … I have plenty of strange stories,” said Lawrence. “My feeling during and after seeing the triangle, at first thinking it was a plane (about the size of a 737 or a bit smaller), but was way too low and moving too slowly. I realized it was something unexplained but felt no fear, nervousness, or anything other than amazement and thinking, ‘That’s the coolest thing I ever saw.’”

Lawrence says that because of his open and honest dialogue, people have come to him to share their experiences of witnessing things in the sky.

“A coworker came in and told us about working on his deck that summer and taking a break. He looked up and saw a black triangle flying quickly in and out of the clouds,” said Lawrence.

Other members believe that these insights can help to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems and questions, from environmental issues to advancements in science and technology.

While their pursuit may be unconventional, to some, they represent the spirit of human curiosity and exploration displayed through their efforts.

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