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New Campbellton cycling ‘River Route’ soon to be unveiled

Seven-kilometre bike route connects seven Campbell River nature trails
The new ‘River Route’ connects to seven nature trails within the city, including the Raven Trail, pictured, located on the west side of the Campbell River Estuary. Photo by Sean Feagan / Campbell River Mirror.

A new cycling route taking riders between seven nature trails throughout the north of Campbell River is set to be unveiled.

The seven-kilometre ‘River Route’ is an initiative by the Campbellton Neighbourhood Association (CNA) to be marked by soon-to-be-installed wayfaring signage. The route will help connect riders to nature by linking seven trails in the city, plus the Greenways Loop.

The hope is that the route, which should be marked by Campbellton branded signage by the upcoming Oct. 2 Fall Go By Bike event, will pave the way for more bike infrastructure in the city, said Laurel Cronk, CNA board vice chair.

“It’s kind of like the Greenways Loop — we make it a thing, build it to the best of our ability, in the hopes that it gets more people, our councillors and our provincial government to see the beauty of cycling here, so more money is put into it,” she said.

On Oct. 2, CNA representatives will be standing at the corner of Maple Street and Island Highway, where the Greenways Loop meets the Route Route, with maps of the route for any riders keen to try it out.

The CNA has “never ending plans” to further develop the route, with the hope of generating more support for cycling in the city, she said. The association intends to do this in collaboration with other cycling proponents, including the Greenways Land Trust and the River City Cycling Club.

“We’re all working together to help raise the profile and show the importance of creating safe, multi-use paths, really as much as we can,” she said.

By linking these nature trails, the route will boost cycling tourism by giving visitors more options of where to ride, while also helping residents get better accustomed to the city’s trail system, she said.

“It’s amazing the number of locals who do not know about the Raven Trail or Baikie Island — there are such beautiful, untouched areas in our city that sometimes get overlooked.”

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