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Bounty of mysterious pirate treasure being found along Vancouver Island beach

Kids on a mission to search for wares left behind in Crofton by generous pirates
Another treasure hunt advisory along the Crofton Seawalk. (Photo by Don Bodger)

Avast, ye young mateys, thar’s treasures along thy beach by the Crofton Seawalk.

According to legend, some local pirates have been leaving behind their wares the last few weeks, restocking the supplies for adventure seekers to find them if they dare.

Signs along the seawalk have steered children in the right direction to enjoy a fun search for little gems, beads, bracelets coins and trinkets.

“Have you seen Black Jack?” reads one sign. “He was spotted here the other night burying more treasures.”

“Good huntin’ and keep an eye on the waters for Vesuvius kraken,” reads another sign.

One other notice declares: “Be watchful for Black Jack the Pirate. If he catches you a diggin’ his treasures he may be makin’ you to walk the plank. Yea, the north winds have been stirrin’ up the sands and the treasures have been washin’ ashore. Keep a keen eye when the tides are low. Gold and gems abound.”

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It all amounts to a good old fashioned treasure hunt and children have been lapping it up.

The Brooks family lives near the seawalk. Mom Katrina and her kids Kelsey, 4, and Tyson, 1, are full-fledged participants on a regular basis.

“We come here almost daily,” said Katrina. “It’s our backyard beach.”

Daughter Kelsey just loves to search for hidden gems.

“She comes down here every time just to look for treasure,” said Katrina. “It’s really fun. It’s become a thing, for sure. I’ve heard such positive things about it.”

Kelsey found a pearl the other day and “she’s found quite big gems,” Katrina added.

In order to maintain the supply, “some kids have given back,” she noted.

Katrina has seen kids from 10-14 enjoying the hunt during spring break. But it’s primarily the younger kids who are engrossed in the activity.

Rick Lennox of Duncan heard about it and brought his granddaughter Mia Lennox, 5, to check it out.

“My niece told me about it,” said Rick. “She’s (Mia) having a heyday. Whoever’s doing it, this is real cool.

“Thought we’d come and spend the day together. Her and I were hanging out. Crofton’s a beautiful place.”

Mia found a coin and Rick said his niece Sadie found a charm bracelet.

It remains a mystery how long the pirates will have a bounty to share on shore.

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The Brooks family lives near the Crofton seawlk and has been enjoying the treasure hunt there on a regular basis. That’s mom Katrina with daughter Kelsey, 4, left, and son Tyson, 1. Kelsey displays the gem she found. (Photo by Don Bodger)
Kids have been having fun the last few weeks with this treasure hunt. (Photo by Don Bodger)
Rick Lennox with granddaughter Mia, 5, displaying the little treasures found along the black sandy portion of the beach. (Photo by Don Bodger)
Mia Lennox, 5, of Duncan finds a coin along the beach while doing some Crofton treasure hunting. (Photo by Don Bodger)

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