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Metchosin nano-brewery owners envision English-style taproom

Council is taking feedback from residents until Feb. 18
The District of Metchosin is currently seeking public feedback from residents near the old Metchosin school building on a proposed nano-brewery for the site. Letters were sent out to people in the area, who can submit feedback until Feb. 18. (Black Press Media file photo)

The owner of the proposed Metchosin brewery awaiting approval is hoping to bring creative brewing and an English-style pub taproom to the community.

The company, Mile Zero Brewing, is looking to set up a nano-brewery, making less than 150 litres of beer per batch. One of the owners, Michael Morgan first pitched the idea at a council meeting in June 2020. As well as the small-batch brewery, there are also plans for a tasting room, serving small samples of beer, with an indoor and outdoor patio.

“It’s more about forming that relationship with the community. If you think back to old English-style pubs, or European pubs, or even some of what you can find in the U.S. now, down in places like Portland or Washington, they do have … small taprooms,” said Morgan, who is one of three owners. “It provides a lot more flexibility from a brewing standpoint because we’re brewing such small batches and distributing directly to the people. We can be a lot more creative and try a lot more different things.”

Morgan said he likes to brew English-style ales and beers, while one of the other owners prefers Belgian-style beers. Currently, the plan is to focus just on the beer with no plans to serve food, at least come opening.

Some residents had flagged concerns about noise and traffic. Morgan said the taproom space would hold 25 people and the outdoor patio wouldn’t be allowed to play music, which he said should help minimize the impact on neighbours.

“For us, it’s about being flexible when we’re open so that it suits and complements the community and works with them,” he said. Morgan added all three of the owners have full-time jobs, so the brewery wouldn’t be open too late into the night.

As for renovations, the brewery will be in the newer portion of the Metchosin school building, which should require minimum renovations. Morgan said the main focus would be redoing the electrics and adding a new door and a couple of windows to allow extra daylight to get in.

The owners are currently in the midst of applying for liquor licenses for both the brewing and taproom portion of the business but said their progress has been expedited by council moving quickly on debating the issue.

Letters were sent to residents in the area surrounding the proposed brewery to gather feedback before council makes a decision on whether to grant a liquor license. The window to submit feedback closes on Feb. 18.

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