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Comox company featured in Celebrity IOU’s Ali Wong episode

Property Brothers have used CORE’s home products in previous shows
The Property Brothers will once again feature grid product from Comox’s CORE on their Celebrity IOU show. Image, Property Brothers Instagram

CORE Landscape Products is again getting the celebrity touch.

The Comox-based company’s products are being featured on Celebrity IOU, a spin-off of the Property Brothers.

The May 9 episode on HGTV Canada featured comedian, actress and writer Ali Wong, who has performed in TV and movies but is perhaps best-known for her stand-up comedy specials on Netflix.

Previously, a Celebrity IOU episode featured the grid product from CORE for a project for actor Justin Hartley of the TV show, This Is Us. Last year, it was used in the Kardashians’ episode in which Kris Jenner wanted to do a makeover of a friend’s backyard.

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In that episode, CORE’s Caroline Rutledge said they supplied a lot of grid product and they were listed in the resources but did not get direct exposure as the grid is located under gravel and not visible the same way an addition like patio furniture would be.

She contacted the Scotts, a.k.a. the Property Brothers, about their emphasis on using environmentally sustainable materials and setting an example, so the brothers made good and offered another chance for an episode with a lot of focus on the grid product. This led to the episode with Wong, who wanted to do a makeover project of a backyard area for a friend.

“I feel confident this time that we’re absolutely front and centre,” Rutledge says. “This is why I am so excited about it.”

Beyond this, Jonathan Scott plans to be using CORE grid for his own home renovation in the near future.

“He is all about doing things eco-friendly,” she says.

CORE works on commercial and residential projects to provide, as it says, “environmentally sustainable solutions in the development of civic projects such as public spaces, driveways, walkways and vehicle-friendly green parking areas.”

There are also plans for CORE product in an upcoming episode of Brother vs. Brother, another Scott spin-off in which the two brothers go head to head in projects to refurbish homes.

Rutledge says her company has been busy in recent years, as more people have used downtime during the pandemic to complete renovation projects around the home.

However, the plug from the Property Brothers’ show has not hurt, as the company gained a lot of exposure, starting with the airing of their first episode featuring CORE.

“The Hartley one was phenomenal…. We’ve had a big increase in business,” Rutledge says.

The show airs the evening of Monday, May 9 on HGTV. Check local listings for times.

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