British Columbians like to eat out. (Pexels photo)

British Columbians like to eat out. (Pexels photo)

British Columbians like to drink and eat out according to new figures

Total food and beverage sales in British Columbia rose 9.4 per cent cent in August 2018 year-to-year

British Columbians like to hit the town for a night of drinks and food.

Restaurants and bars across the province saw their total sales rose 9.4 per cent in August 2018 compared to the same period last year, according to Statistics Canada.

This eagerness to eat out placed British Columbians ahead of Ontario (7.1 per cent) and Quebec (5.4 per cent), despite rising prices.

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Prices for food purchased from restaurants rose 4.5 per cent year over year in August, while prices for alcoholic beverages served in licensed establishments increased 3.1 per cent.

Looking at specific categories, sales rose across full-service restaurants (up 7.1 per cent), limited-service restaurants (5.6 per cent), special food services (8 per cent) and drinking places (2.7 per cent).

Following three months of strong gains, food services and drinking places edged down 0.1 per cent to $6.1 billion in August, with drinking places recorded lower sales on a national basis.

But British Columbians once again bucked the trend, with sales up in August (0.8 per cent). Only Saskatchewan residents spent more money on food and drinks outside their four walls.

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