SpaceX’s Starlink Internet Is Active on All 7 Continents

After five previous attempts were halted because of weather, SpaceX successfully launched 54 Starlink satellites on Sept. 18. They will work in tandem with the other 3,076 Starlink satellites that are already in place. Musk’s goal is to have as many as 42,000 satellites in low-Earth orbit by 2027. His vision for Starlink is to provide high-speed internet to remote areas.

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO took to Twitter on Sept. 18 to announce that his plan is under way. The achievement comes after the FCC denied Starlink approval for an $886 million subsidy to broaden service across 35 states. The commission said Starlink “failed to demonstrate that the providers could deliver the promised service.”SpaceX said the rejection was “grossly unfair” and “flawed as a matter of both law and policy.”There were over 400,000 Starlink subscribers around the world.

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