Apple Launches Adventure Watch and New Safety Features

On September 7, Apple had the company’s largest product launch of the year. Reuters reports that this year’s launch mainly focused on safety upgrades and a new adventure watch. Apple leaned into safety features that include the ability to sense a car accident or summon a rescue from a remote mountain. The features are meant to offer users the chance to pursue excitement and adventure with their phone acting as a safety net. “Ultimately, the increased emphasis on safety – safety as a service – is super interesting as a value proposition,” Ben Bajarin, head of consumer technologies at Creative Strategies, via Reuters.

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The new “emergency SOS via satellite feature” allows users to establish a connection with a satellite to send messages from remote locations. Minor upgrades include tweaks to cameras and battery life, while the iPhone Pro lineup has a newly-upgraded processor chip. The Apple Watch Ultra is reportedly the company’s , “most rugged and capable watch ever.” According to Apple, the watch is intended for people interested in outdoor adventuring, water sports and endurance training. The Ultra offers 60 hours of battery life, a compass and a new Oceanic Plus app for scuba diving

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