Vancouver Island athlete voted best poser

Vancouver Island athlete voted best poser

Cumberland’s Goulet wins three golds at first fitness competition

Dannielle Goulet “killed it” in Kamloops.

Competing at the Natural BC Cup last weekend — her first-ever fitness competition — the 35-year-old Cumberland resident won gold medals in each of the three categories she entered in women’s physique: open, novice and masters (35-45 years).

“I cleaned up,” Goulet said. “Because there weren’t multiple categories of height, they gave me a women’s best poser award…It’s all a bit surreal. I’m just taking it all in still.”

She said her coach, Nicole Janveaux, is “over the moon.” Though she didn’t make the trip to Kamloops, Janveaux was there in spirit.

“She was there for me every step of the way,” Goulet said. “It was intense. I had to check in with her 45 minutes after I ate a meal, with pictures, to show her what was happening with my body. And then she’d tell me what to eat next…She knew what my body was doing, right down to the science of carb intake. It was quite the journey. Exciting, and nerve-wracking.”

Competitors in women’s physique were required to perform a 90-second dance routine. Her best friend who is a dancer and a choreographer helped Goulet prepare.

“The first moment I went up onstage I was just shaking. I could see myself in a reflection of a shadow from one of the lights. I was vibrating. It was a trip.”

She had been seriously considering entering a fitness competition all last year when she decided to get in the best shape of her life.

“It was one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Much of Goulet’s body is covered in tattoos, which used to be detrimental in competitions. Today, however, she says they are popular and accepted by judges — who were more concerned with muscle tone and physique.

“It was completely null, they didn’t go against or with me at all. I was so tanned from the tanning spray, they were half gone…I got sprayed, and then I got glazed with oil, so that my muscles would shimmer in the stage lights. It’s all part of it.”

Due to her results in Kamloops, Goulet has qualified to enter a pro qualifier event — the first step in attaining a pro card.

“I pretty much am ready for the next event. I think you have to win three pro qualifiers to get your pro card. That brings me up to competing against people around the world. Those ones go into Vegas, the big time shows, like Olympia.”

She plans to work this summer, which is the busy season for her Herb N’ Wear clothing store, then start training and prepping for a pro qualifier in the fall, or early-winter.

“This is only the beginning,” said Goulet, who has been taken aback by the number of people who have heard about the competition. “The support has been phenomenal. I am blown away.”


Vancouver Island athlete voted best poser

Vancouver Island athlete voted best poser