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Wolf: What’s in a name (2.0)? Parksville offers interesting list of dog monikers

List includes Rembrandt, Swayze, Zorro, Fabio, Fonzie and Yoda

What’s in a name (the sequel)?

Last week in this space, I mentioned our household is getting a new addition – a puppy. Its name is already chosen (Charlie), so I reminisced about monikers of many pets past and our fine readers shared some fun tales of their own via email and online.

After the fact, the annual list of doggo names from the City of Parksville arrived, so let’s continue the fun.

Of the hundreds of registered pooches, there were definitely some interesting names and naming trends.

Clearly a brilliant choice, there are 11 Charlies.

Also a Charlie Brown to go along with a Snoopy and 12 Lucys, the most-popular name (tied with Bella). Also a Patty, three Peppers and a Peanut, but no Peppermints. I may or may not have already decided our next dog’s name will be Schroeder.

Since pups are loyal friends, we of course had a Phoebe, a Chandler, a Ross and a Rachel. (Sorry, Joey).

Plenty of food: Nacho, Taco, Mango, Cashew, Snickers, Peanut, Toffee, two Caramels, two Honeys, Peaches, Scallop, two Cookies and a Cookiedough; plus a little drink: Whiskey and two Brandys.

We’ve got Maverick and Goose. Ernie and Burt (close enough). Larry, Curly and Mo(cha). Also close enough. Buzz(ie) and Woody.

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Wake up Maggie, there’s seven of you, a Maggie May and a Maggie Mae.

A handful of cars: Mercedes, Bentley, and Porsha (close enough).

A Princess and a Jasmine. Fred and Barney. Three Rosies, a Rose Petal, six Daisys, a Tulip, Marigold and four Poppys.

A Benjamin and a Buttons. A Charlotte and a Wilbur. Nine Jakes and six Jacks. Zeus and Morpheus.

One Yogi and three Bears. A Malcolm in the middle of all the M’s. A Sawyer and a Finn.

Three Teddys, two Freddies and one Eddy, holding steady. Popeye and Olive. Word up to the sole Cameo.

A Yoda and a Fozzie (bonus points if you make that connection).

Some of my favourite randoms: Rembrandt, Swayze, Gator, Zorro, Porthos, Fabio, Amish, Macduff and Johnny Matzo.

Shoutout to Wolfie and finally, a big thumbs up to the one and only Fonzie.

What’s the most interesting or unique name for a pet you’ve ever had?

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