COLUMN: Survey says time is on our side

The thing is, nobody wants to be living on borrowed time

T.W. Paterson: Today’s Duncan Ramada Inn has a great history

For years, his streamer fly, the Ashdown Green, graced the backs of Sportsman cigarette packages.

  • Jul 28, 2019

Rickter Scale: here’s my 2 per cent solution for fixing our debt problem

How much would you be willing to swallow to eliminate our ballooning financial pit?

  • Jul 27, 2019
Stranger Things 3 breaks record on Netflix
Mass funerals begin after deadly Sri Lanka attacks
Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world, week of April 15th
Minister not feeling great about social media co-operation as election nears

Opinion: RCMP and military legal settlements ignore accountability

Victims of harassment deserve more than a blanket apology, harassers should answer for what they did

  • Jul 26, 2019

T.W. Paterson column: Don’t like history? Ban, burn, bury it!

I leave it to readers to decide for themselves whether some revisions…

  • Jul 25, 2019

Editorial: Canadians need to embrace their diversity

Stand up for each other, it makes us strong

COLUMN: Social media is making us increasingly anti-social

We’d be better off looking up from our phones and engaging with other in real life

  • Jul 24, 2019

COLUMN: Feds trolling Vancouver Islanders with lack of salmon plan

MP Rachel Blaney takes aim at coastal fisheries restrictions

Editorial: New road could be key to future growth for Lake Cowichan

It could be a good way to increase the vibrancy of the community

  • Jul 22, 2019

B.C. VIEWS: NDP pushes ahead with Crown forest redistribution

This isn’t the time for a radical Indigenous rights agenda

Editorial: Whatever happened to the summer of love?

Baby boomers must look back at the promise of summers past and wonder

  • Jul 21, 2019

EDITORIAL: If climate really is an emergency, then act like it

Communities busy declaring climate emergencies while not doing nearly enough to fix the problem

  • Jul 20, 2019

Editorial: It’s hard to believe people still drink and drive

People cannot claim ignorance, or lack of options, it’s laziness and stupidity, pure and simple

  • Jul 19, 2019

Editorial: when are Vancouver Island communities going to say no to increased taxes?

Local governments are finding it too easy to continually say “just a little more”

Editorial: Illegal dumping is the hobby of cowards and fools

It probably costs you less time and money to take it to the dump

  • Jul 17, 2019

Editorial: Plastic bag court battle inevitable, but just a waste of time

Court ruling striking down Victoria’s plastic bag ban unneeded speedbump on road to doing right thing

  • Jul 16, 2019

Simpson: A birthday balloon horror story

‘I think we might need to rethink our birthday traditions’

EDITORIAL: Incentives would fuel purchase of e-bikes

‘Time for governments to ride to the rescue of the little guy’

  • Jul 13, 2019

T.W. Paterson: If only I could go back in time to Mount Sicker

‘That old town makes me sad, somehow; it’s so lonely’ — P.M.C, 1932

  • Jul 13, 2019