Our future will be brighter if all come together


We need to stop fighting and start uniting.

Throughout the last divisive federal election, a common word used by all parties was “fight.” And now our MPs go back to Ottawa and attempt to govern our country, viewing each other as adversaries, fighting to get their way.

We, as Canadians, and other interdependent peoples of the world can no longer tolerate this inherently flawed system. The world is unravelling before our eyes.

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We need to stop contending and start cooperating to mitigate the worst effects of our society’s various crises. And the best place to do this is in our local community.

We are all in this together; everything we do as individuals impacts all of us. Our unity can be achieved when we set the common good above private interest, knowing that no enduring benefit will come to each of us as long as we ignore or neglect the general interests of all of us.

We can begin by listening to each other to understand rather than listening to one another to argue. Our collective future will be brighter if all of us come together.

Don Brown



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