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With municipal candidate nominations closing on Sept. 9, there are some key leadership qualities in leaders of populations that build strong, healthy, vibrant, balanced and supportive communities. These include:

Principled: Every strong community needs leaders who recognize the difference between leading based on objective, time-tested principles, versus following behind popular, subjective values and whose decisions reflect not only knowledge and understanding of the critical issues but principled action in dealing with them.

Persevering: Every balanced/enduring community needs leaders whose care and concern for the strength and health of people and the future of the community are courageous enough to consistently withstand and overcome strong opposition.

Humble: Every supportive/vibrant community needs leaders who have the ability to maintain perspective around personal strengths and weaknesses while objectively dealing with criticism and continuously striving to identify and build excellence in others.

If you appreciate the above qualities and either have them or know someone who has them, please either stand up and seek nomination on Sept. 9 or encourage the one you know who has the ability to do so. We need you!

Mary Moreau