LETTER: What’s the rush to replace wharf?

Members of the Sidney Community Association board were present throughout the recent Beacon Wharf open house hosted by the Town of Sidney. Four members of council and an equal number of staff were present to discuss the displays. In conversations with the residents who visited, the discussions focused on specific questions which were not answered by the information boards:

What is the hurry? In recent evaluations, separated by a few years, the result has always been the same … “about eight years life remaining.” Let’s wait until that number starts shrinking.

Why are we replacing an aged structure with another comparable aged structure? Shouldn’t we build something new that has an extended life?

Why did White Rock replace their iconic pier with the same structure when a storm destroyed their pier? Are we rushing to a decision on the premise of a distant future threat? Obviously, White Rock does not share the same concern.

On the basis of this future threat captured in the flood construction level, both information sessions held during working hours are excluding the opportunity for that future generation to attend. We are only engaging those of the past and present without similar time for those of the future, young working families. What is their view?

The overall opinion of the residents present at the first information session was not in favour of either of the proposed solutions. What is the hurry to decide? There is at least 8-10 years, maybe more. Back to the drawing board?

Steve Duck, president

Sidney Community Association