LETTER: Waterfront site a poor fit for dog park

I might sound like a Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) and I don’t want to appear that way but several issues are causing me to speak out on the off-leash dog park proposed for the waterfront park on Resthaven Drive.

The fact that the park has a children’s playground so close to the proposed dog area causes me to be concerned for the usually very small children that use this park daily.

The other concern is that cars on this road and in the area is problematic already because of the number of cars that park there on a daily basis. Many times, when driving one must pull over to let other cars, buses and larger trucks go by because there are cars on both sides of the road. Add dog parents driving to use the dog park and the possibility that you are considering bikes lanes on this road, the traffic with be almost impossible to navigate safely.

One other factor is the bird sanctuary that we have in this area, and the number of new birds that are now visiting the park, feeding and breeding, laying their eggs all through this area entices the dogs to chase and bark, disturbing the wildlife.

Sheilah Fea