LETTER: Victoria is not Metro Vancouver

I have just finished reading the column by Chris Campbell in the Feb. 8 Saanich News about Noisy NIMBYs and the “devisive” missing middle plan.

The author, a lifelong Lower Mainlander who has only lived here for a mere two months belittles the Victorians who speak up about not wanting oversized (by local standards) developments and those that have issues with the missing middle plan.

His words are disdainful. He says listening to the NIMBYs complaints is “painful.” He calls them “pearl-clutching” and “whining.” The politicians are “cowardly” and in Metro Vancouver, “people would laugh at the idea of protesting 25 townhomes.”

Mr. Campbell wrote another column recently on the Victoria News website mocking a letter writer’s traffic woes saying “we have found an early entrant in the hyperbole awards.” He used comments like “overblown” and that he “guffawed” at the words “traffic jam.”

Mr. Campbell is welcome to his opinion, as are others. But he is too busy comparing here to Metro Vancouver and putting down those that don’t want to see it become the same way. His manner is demeaning.

As for Rainbow/Sevenoaks, it is small neighbourhood in a unique situation geographically tucked between two ecological areas and bordered by main arteries. It should not be densified to such a degree. That is MY opinion and I don’t even live in the area.

So, Mr. Campbell, please hear one thing… We don’t live in Metro Vancouver.

Jan Ellison