LETTER: Unvaccinated shouldn’t be subjected to hatred

In response to the recent letter presenting venomous views on the unvaccinated accessing the health-care system, these words are a good example of the hatred that has been promoted towards the unvaccinated since last summer. Lumping the unvaccinated into a group of uneducated, selfish, anti-vax bullies because of a few people behaving badly at a rally is offensive. I suspect even vaccinated people have behaved badly at rallies before.

The people I know who are unvaccinated haven’t been to a rally and are educated, health-conscious people who believe that vaccines are not safe for everyone, and want to have a choice over their bodies. They follow all other protocols and have not got sick yet. There are doctors/nurses who were unvaccinated before the majority were forced to vaccinate or lose their jobs. These are educated people.

The vaccinated have been spreading the Omicron variant due to travel and reduced restrictions on the vaccinated, but this is not a blame game. The government approved these freedoms for the vaccinated.

To deny health care (or charge extra) to the unvaccinated would be similar to doing so to smokers, drug users or alcoholics, who are knowingly abusing their bodies, and have been straining the health-care system for decades. It would be cruel to target those people, as it would the unvaccinated.

I am not going to use this letter to debate my choices, but really hope people can think twice about this unfair discrimination. This is a big issue with lots of information on both sides, but impossible for the quiet unvaccinated to have any platform to speak with such hatred coming from the general public and even the government at times.

The unvaccinated cannot be blamed for the current state of COVID, as we are not allowed to travel or go to most public venues. Canada has a high vaccination rate, so what is the problem?

J. Walker