LETTER: Two-minute tag and gas pedal to death


It takes about two minutes for a mortician to verify the identity of a corpse and make an ID tag.

In recent letters to the editor about traffic speed on Sooke Road, it appears two minutes is of great importance to some people. So important that they suggest that those doing the speed limit of 60 km/h should pull over and let them pass.

Coming from Victoria, you reduce your speed to 60 km/h from 80 km/h at Sooke Wilderness Park until you reach Saseenos elementary school – about 12 kilometres. Doing the speed limit that takes 12 minutes. At 65 km/h, you save 55 seconds; at 70, you gain one minute and 43 seconds and averaging 72 km/h, you save two minutes.

The mortician’s “two-minute tag” tag is called a toe tag and is attached to the big toe on the right foot of the corpse. The same foot that pressed the gas pedal to death.

So, guys and gals, get your thrills at Western Speedway, not on the winding Sooke road.

Mike Thomas


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