LETTER: Traffic delay on Sooke Rd. ‘nonsense’


Regarding the outrageous Jan. 23 traffic delays when almost no traffic could move in either direction along Highway 14 between Saseenos and Buffy’s Pub for most of the day, and hundreds of cars were trapped in both directions going nowhere for up to 20 minutes per creep

Who secured that far-less-than-brilliant plan?

I saw a crane at the corner of Sooke and Parkland Roads, with its boom fully extended into the sky. It reached high enough to look way down onto anything at all in Sooke. What’s up with that? Flag people were once again way too slow on traffic flow allowance in either direction. There should be some control on how contractors perform in a one-road community.

Can someone official tell us why we had to endure this nonsense?

Gar Saunders



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