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LETTER: Time to make the switch from natural gas

Can someone please explain to me why, in a province blessed with ‘clean, green’ hydroelectricity, we are installing natural gas in new developments?

BC Hydro offers incentives to ditch your antiquated fossil fuel (oil) infrastructure, while the B.C. government is subsidizing and promoting the mining of natural gas. LNG may not be as bad as oil, but why are we not shifting to hydro, (or other renewable energy sources such as solar), for all our power needs? Especially when we are spending billions of our tax dollars expanding hydro production with Site C.

The province needs to align all its policies under the priority of climate action if they want voters to believe they have the political will to put the health and well-being of people and the planet first.

Meanwhile, municipalities need to follow the lead of cities like Vancouver, and expand the ban on natural gas infrastructure and installation.

Karyn Woodland