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LETTER: Tesla centre would be a shock to neighbourhood

I have a few comments on the article: “Tesla sales, service centre rumoured for Langford.”

As much as I appreciate the opportunity to introduce the training in future technologies that will benefit Langford’s workforce skill-base, living next to the “development” off McCallum has spoiled any green future image Tesla might want to project.

Over a year of forest removal, soil scraping, blasting-vibration, dust and especially endless noise that seems to go on forever has damaged all association of Tesla with any form of advancement. Just the same old ‘sacrifice the environment for a buck’ backwardness Langford is famous for.

If Island Tesla owners are already used to the long-distance service experience I’m sure they’d be comfortable driving into Langford’s business core and at least leave the Costco area to the residential development it was promoted to be.

Scott Johnson