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LETTER: Stop old-growth logging until plan in place

It is well documented that less than three per cent of the B.C. temperate old-growth forest remains standing. Until a resource plan that supports biodiversity and sustainability has been developed, all old-growth logging should cease immediately.

In 1992, a consensus report entitled ‘An Old Growth Strategy for BC’ was presented to the NDP government. The 2020 Merkel Gorley report entitled ‘A new Future for Old Forest’ revealed that the 1992 report recommendations were not implemented. With no forest management plan for old-growth, we are facing loss of biodiversity, economic uncertainty and conflict. Had the 1992 recommendations been followed there would not be the turmoil we see in the forests today.

Admittedly, the B.C. government has struck a five-member committee to address old-growth logging. While this yet-to-be-funded committee is being formed, numerous playing field-sized areas are logged every workday.

The old-growth logging that has been deferred is often in boggy and alpine zones with less biodiversity and carbon sequestering than in old-growth stands in valley bottoms.

Until a forest management plan has been developed and implemented we must stop all old-growth logging.

Paul Elworthy

Oak Bay