LETTER: Shoreline Medical Society supports area’s needs

I felt I had to respond to the letter I read in the Peninsula News Review, “Sidney’s appeal diminished by lack of medical care.”

I read the letter with interest, for I do see our town of Sidney is well aware of the need for more medical care and has indeed taken action. Our gem is the creation of Shoreline Medical Society.

This not-for-profit/charity Shoreline Medical Society was created, right here on the Saanich Peninsula in 2015, for this very reason. It runs two clinics, one in Sidney and one in Brentwood Bay. It started with five family doctors and it now has recruited 25 doctors, and they also provide 60 per cent physician care at Saanich Peninsula Hospital.

I’m grateful to the community members who had the foresight to create Shoreline Medical Society, out of the concern that the Saanich Peninsula needed many more family doctors. I encourage all of us who are able to help support the society, as it continues to build a stronger network of medical care for all.

Lillian Vincent