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LETTER: Seniors forced to travel for booster shot

I have just received an e-mail from Island Health informing me that I am eligible to get a booster shot for the COVID-19. Imagine my surprise when I went to book it and found there is no place in Sidney and the surrounding area to get this shot.

I have to drive either to Victoria or Langford. Fortunately, I am one of the older seniors (85) who is in good health and can still drive my car. I can’t imagine how the seniors who don’t drive and are able to get around on scooters feel. Now they are going to have to find someone to drive them to this appointment, if they can.

I think that this is an outrageous situation and Island Health didn’t give much thought to the elderly when they decided which locations would be made available for this booster. Why are they making it so difficult for us elderly to get this booster when we are one of the groups of people who are most vulnerable to get this terrible disease?

Cindy Faulkner