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LETTER: Saanich slow to clear roads of snow

It has not escaped our notice (every year) that, the District of Saanich continues making it clear to Saanich residents, via Saanich News, we are obligated to clear the snow off our sidewalks – as if we have any (on our road) – and other paths and areas where it could prove hazardous to pedestrians.

The other thing that has not escaped our notice (every year) is how our municipality continues shirking its responsibilities to Saanich residents by not clearing roads of snow, anywhere – at least not on our road, or any other roads in our extensive neighbourhood – where it could prove hazardous for all residents: pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair and other mobility vehicle users, and, well, let’s not forget the drivers; in other words, all of us, still struggling to get around.

Saanich council, it started snowing on Dec. 24. I write this on Jan. 1 and our hilly road is still a snowed-in, slick sheet of ice. If these seasonal weather extremes are becoming the ‘new normal,’ where are the snowplows paid for over the decades by our taxes, but never used? So much for essential services.

Jana Kalina and Larry Duberry