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LETTER: Saanich should enforce snow-removal bylaw

When I first moved to Saanich, I was walking my dog on the beach in the summer and was approached by two bylaw officers who proceeded to give me a large fine because walking one’s dog on a beach, which has federal jurisdiction, is somehow punishable and governed by the local municipality. Lesson learned.

Could someone please explain to me why then there are no bylaw officers out on snowy days giving out fines to those who can’t be bothered to shovel their sidewalks? In Ontario, we would receive a hefty fine if our walkway was not cleared by 10 a.m.

I’ve been walking my dogs down the middle of the roads as sidewalks are icy and snow-covered. I would estimate about five per cent of the houses in my neighbourhood have shovelled. Everyone seems to have money for landscapers around here, so I suggest if you’re not into shovelling, make some arrangements. Climate change is here to stay folks. And bylaw officers? Try diversifying who you target.

Laurie Allen