LETTER: Saanich CAO’s severance should be election issue

Approximately three weeks ago I sent an email to Saanich mayor and council expressing my concern for the lack of transparency related to the dismissal of the CAO and the $580,000 severance package.

I had asked them to confirm who had voted for or against this action, as well as clarify this new direction they are going, as stated by Mayor Fred Haynes. I have yet to receive a response from anyone.

I believe Saanich taxpayers deserve better than the lame excuses we have gotten so far. Perhaps it is best for them to resign now instead of waiting for taxpayers and voters to apply the same ideology to the current council come the November election. Sorry, you couldn’t be truthful to us so we are deciding to go in a different direction.

Hopefully, a majority of voters will remember this come election time so we can say ”you’re fired.” I will be asking each council member how they voted as they campaign.

Wayne Messer