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LETTER: Running from problem won’t help

Clearly, letter writers Denise and Yolanda Corbett have learned nothing over the past two years from Dr. Henry’s ‘be kind’ mantra. Either they toned down their letter to the Peninsula News Review, or you wisely chose not to publish the part that was in their letter to the Times Colonist calling the homeless ‘bums’.

Some people choose to deal with the homeless issue by asking “what can I do to help,” and perhaps taking some time to consider how these individuals ended up in such a sad situation. Others, like your letter writers, “spend a lot of time and money” to move away from the situation and hope that it doesn’t follow them.

I realize that I am personally a very privileged individual, and every day I thank my good fortune for being so. I also spend every day wondering what more I can do to help people less fortunate than myself. I hope your letter writers give some more thought to how they can help rather than just hope the problem goes away. Heaven forbid they will have to spend more money to move again.

Ted Daly