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LETTER: Return to school should be delayed

It’s very easy these days to get caught up in alarming news headlines or stories we hear around the virtual water cooler. When things hit close to home, we often over-normalize them. This is where seeking out factual data from a few trusted and neutral resources may be more beneficial than a constant deep dive for information on social media or biased media outlets.

Dr. Bonnie Henry must see that her communication has not been impeccable, and has contributed to confusion a number of times since the pandemic began. As parents we take our responsibilities seriously, taking the time to plan and organize to deliver the best care to our children.

It is unrealistic to imagine that parents, children and teachers would feel completely anxiety-free about a return to school right now. An extension of a month would permit us to navigate the mechanisms required for a calm and organized return, and provide more time to collect data regarding the new variant. Perhaps we can work together for the sake of everyone’s mental health.

William Perry