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LETTER: Residents shouldn’t subsidize parking

Re: Our View: “Loss of parking spaces limits tenants’ options.”

Your editorial regarding limiting parking spaces for new housing in the Capital Region shows a stunning level of ignorance. “What’s next, toilets?” How embarrassing.

There are a growing number of individuals and families that are car-free by choice (and many that cannot drive) and would like to have a reasonably priced place to live without having to subsidize expensive parking spaces that they will not use.

Cars are wealth-killers; they are extremely expensive to buy and maintain. Many people instead opt for public transit, car share memberships, walking, rolling, cycling. Also, given our climate change emergency, encouraging less personal vehicles must be a priority.

“What’s next, toilets?”

I will never look at the Peninsula News Review the same way again when it lands on my front step.

PS: “Unreliable buses”… Perhaps an article on how the Capital Region needs better, faster transit for us all would be much better use of your editorial space. Realize that any motorist could suddenly find themselves unable to drive after one small stroke or….?

Alison Crone

North Saanich