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LETTER: Removal of RBCM exhibits an assault on history

The planned removal of third-floor exhibits related to settlement at the Royal B.C. Museum is clearly and truly an Orwellian political pogrom against history itself and has been devised in a way that is clearly politically biased and racist against Europeans and those of their descent.

Keep in mind, whether you like it or not, that Europeans and their descendants played a major role in creating what is now known as Canada. That might be a politically inconvenient reality to some in the present, but it is a reality nonetheless. Covering up the past will not change that.

I understand that many careers have been made and broken by those critiquing history, but even the critics will be out of work when there is no history left to critique. If there is no past, then there is no past to criticize.

As George Orwell wrote of “The Party” in 1984: “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

Sasha Izard